Roof Rats Coupland

Roof Rats Coupland

roof rat Coupland How about opening up your pantry to locate dung, or finding the fruit on your tree hollowed out? Roof rats in Coupland are common.

You aren’t alone. Many individuals have had this issue, specially with Roof Rats. They are the most common and disease-ridden pests in the state of Florida. Their long, scaly, black tails and their slick body identify them.

They generally only come out at night, at the right time of year when fruit begins to ripen. Along with fruit, Roof Rats consume anything from dog food to your own pantry items, and will chew their way into your home through hollow walls, soffits, insulation, wires, conduits, and any holes that may exist. And we have roof rat problems in Coupland.

In addition to destroying your house, Roof Rats are host to an array of diseases. If a person is bitten by a rat, they could contract Rat Bite Fever, which shows signs of the flu, and might be fatal. Hantavirus is contracted by stirring up the droppings and urine of a rat, resulting in temperature, body aches, chills, and gut problems. In case the urine enters a minor cut, a person could contract Weil’s Disease, causing fever and renal failure. Rats are also known to carry disease, which can be contracted by tick bites, causing temperature, skin lesions, and headaches.

Roof Rats can produce a litter once-or twice a month, with about 8 to nine pups every time. Roof Rats are plentiful along with the difficulties associated with them are serious, and that is why Nuisance Wildlife Relocation is here to help you. with roof rats in Coupland, Texas.

The method of rodenticide isn’t generally the safest approach to cope with this specific problem, considering the danger of rats dying in the walls. At Annoyance Wildlife Relocation, we first provide an exclusion inspection. We will fully inspect the exterior and interior of the construction, followed by a full estimate with an explanation of the conditions of the problem. All openings will be sealed to prevent any additional rodent infestations. Traps are set, along with the rodents are removed leaving you with a rat-free, disease-free, and scent-free home.

Jeff Norris is owner of Nuisance Wildlife Relocation Inc. located in Parrish Florida. Jeff is a competitive archer and Loves the out doors. Jeff likewise has a splendid son Keith that works for your family business during his holiday from school in summer time, on January 5, 2003 Jeff Married his best friend Christy and not long after that year their lovely daughter Haileigh was born.


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