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Termite Treatment in Austin, Texas

termite treatment AustinTermite problems are really one of the very anxiety causing pest issues for any householder. Even though these little insects won’t cause you any harm, they could do some serious injury to the investments that you just call your house. We are the specialists for termite treatment Austin.

There are three different kinds of termite, and within this article we’ll be referring to some of the least toxic choices in dealing with the dry wood species. They could be identified as a result by their droppings also as their look, which we discuss in a different post.  Give us a call for Austin TX termite treatments.
Dry wood termites may be found in almost any kind of wood, whether wet or dry. They’re much more divers inside their habitat preferences than damp wood termites, though less aggressive than subterranean. As a conclusion of their flexibility, they could be quite difficult to treat. Traditionally a house where dry wood termites have been found is subjected to tent fumigation; the home is closed to the household and toxin employed in great quantities until all the termites are dead.

Like other forms of poisonous control of pests, though, this type of fumigation poses some big issues as far as that of other species and effect on human health. In this article, we shall take a look at the very least toxic methods for treating dry wood termite problems.  We can do termite treatments in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Temperature controls. Termites are fairly vulnerable to temperature range, and can only thrive at a specific temperature range. Any hotter or any colder, and so they expire. As with fumigation, a pest management business comes into play with the essential equipment. Unlike fumigation, the apparatus won’t spread poison about your own house. As an alternative, liquid nitrogen is employed to decrease the temperature in the home, or heat is applied with-in the “tent” to broil them.

Electro Gun. This is a patented device that uses high voltage, low amp electric currents to take care of termites. It’s reasonably recent although more and more pest management organizations are taking advantage of it as a non chemical alternative to termite treatment (and it will not zap your house electronics either!).

Spot treatment. What this means is coping with the termites you find there and finding the areas of the majority of activity. It is time consuming and you also need to be very thorough, checking your home carefully several times to make sure that you just have destroyed every one of the termites. Let us come do a termite treatrment at your home in Austin, TX.

Treatments were based by borate. The material is applied with a brush, in the same way to paint. Again, individual inspection is required to be able to decide where they are most effective and where just the termites are living.

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